Welcome to the HPLC data parser!

A data-parser for those of us whose HPLC dinosaurs are still running Star Chromatography.

Version 2.02, now without the tcl dependency (3/2022, roughly two decades after HPLC purchase)

Added both the name of the .txt file and the .run file, since sometimes they don't match!

a random side project from Dr. Catherine Sarisky

How to use:

Please report any bugs. :) In theory, this code should work on any computer and any modern browser. It probably doesn't work on Windows 98/Netscape navigator. Sorry!

Note: This html file works anywhere, even without internet access, so if your HPLC computer runs a modern browser but doesn't have internet, you can transfer this .html file to it. Or "sneaker-net" your .txt files to a computer with internet and just bookmark this page.

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